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International Networks

DIPD is part of – and seeks to cooperate with – the global community of institutes working with political party support and other areas of democracy assistance. Visit the international institutes, party internationals and political party foundations listed below to find out more about field of international support to democracies around the world.

Vibrant green plastic globes at the Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin. Photo by Tup Wanders, on Flickr

Photo: Flickr/ Tup Wanders

International Institutes

Learn more about the international institutes working with political party support and other forms of democracy assistance. Institutes include Demo Finland, International IDEA, the Internatioanl Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute, National Endowment for Democracy, Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, and Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

Party Internationals

The Party internationals are networks of like-minded political parties from around the world united by shared ideological foundations. These networks provide a platform for peer learning, exchange of views of matters of policy and promotion of their respective ideologies around the globe. The four main party internationals are: the Centrist Democrat International (previously known as the Christians Democrat International), the International Democrat Union, Liberal International and Socialist International.

Political Party Foundations

Political party foundations are institutions affiliated with political parties, though often independent, that carry out democracy assistance in new democracies, often through party-to-party collaborations with likeminded political parties.  Foundations in Germany include Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and in Sweden Centerparty’s International Foundation, Green Forum Foundation, Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation, Christian Democratic International Centre, Left International Forum, The Olof Palme International Center, and Swedish International Liberal Centre.