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DIPD Publications

Strategi 2018-2020 – Partier og Demokrati i Verden

Published: December 2017

DOWNLOAD DANSK PDF: Strategi 2018-2020


Strategy 2018-2020 – Parties and Democracy in The World

Published: December 2017

DOWNLOAD ENGLISH PDF: Strategy 2018-2020

Årsrapport 2016

Published: June 2017

Download PDF: DIPD Årsrapport 2016

Download PDF: Rigsrevisionens afrapportering 2016

Annual Report 2016 – Parties Must Involve Youth

Published: May 2017

DOWNLOAD PDF: Annual Report 2016

Myanmar Multiparty Democracy Programme (MMDP) – Annual Report 2016

Published: March 2017

DOWNLOAD PDF: MMDP – Annual Report 2016 

Bhutan Democracy Dialogue (BDD) – Report from study trip to Denmark, November 2016

Published: January 2017

DOWNLOAD PDF: BDD Study Tour Report – November 2016

Engaging with Democracy Globally

Published: December 2016

DOWNLOAD PDF: Engaging with Democracy Globally

Youth Evaluation - forside

Evaluation of the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy: Jørgen Holm-Hansen & Marit Haug (NIBR)

Published: October 2016

DOWNLOAD PDF: Evaluation of DIPD: Political Party Assistance to Build Democracy

DOWNLOAD PDF: Evaluation of DIPD: Management Response by DIPD’s Board

 årsrapport 2015

Årsrapport 2015 

Published: May 2016
DOWNLOAD PDF: Årsrapport 2015

 årsrapport 2015 2

Revisionspåtegning 2015

Published: May 2016
DOWNLOAD PDF: Revisionspåtegning til Årsrapport 2015


2015 Results Framework

Published: May 2016
DOWNLOAD PDF: 2015 DIPD Results Framework

AR 2015

Annual Report 2015 – Postcards from the Field

Published: May 2016
DOWNLOAD PDF: Annual Report 2015


Coalition Building Reader

Published: December 2015
DOWNLOAD PDF: DIPD Coalition Building Reader

DOWNLOAD PDF: DIPD Coalition Building Reader (Kiswahili) 


Årsrapport 2014

Published: May 2015
Annual Report 2014 in Danish.
DOWNLOAD PDF: DIPD årsrapport 2014 – final med underskrifter


Revisionspåtegning 2014

Published: May 2015
DOWNLOAD PDF: Revisionspåtegning 2014 underskrevet


Annual Report 2014 – Towards a New Strategy

Published: June 2015

A new four year period for the Board; a new strategy for the next three year funding period; Danish politicians participating in missions to Bhutan and Myanmar; delegations from many countries visiting Denmark and the People’s Meeting; these are some of the highlights in the 2014 Annual Report.

READ: Annual Report 2014
DOWNLOAD: Annual Report 2014

Drude Dahlerup

Women’s Under-representation in Political Politics in the New Democracy of Bhutan
– the need for new strategies

Published: May 2014

Report by Drude Dahlerup, International consultant and Professor of Political Science at Stockholm University. Based on consultations in Bhutan April 2014 organized by the Bhutan Network for Empowering Women, BNEW, and the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy, DIPD.

READ & DOWNLOAD the PDF: Women’s under-representation in politics

Women in Political Parties. WIP Approach and Experiences

Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD), Centre for Multiparty Democracy, Malawi (CMD) and the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) have jointly embarked on a new approach to enhancing women’s participation in political parties and in politics.

READ & DOWNLOAD the PDF: Women in Political Parties

Developing Political Party Capacity – the DIPD approach

This document is not a manual in the traditional sense, nor is it a tool box, a guide or a reader.
It is in fact just a ‘document’, explaining the approach to capacity development taken by DIPD, based on the experiences we have harvested so far since our beginning in 2011 – and linked to the new DIPD strategy for 2014-17 called “Ideas than can inspire”.

READ & DOWNLOAD the PDF: Developing Political Party Capacity 

READ & DOWNLOAD SHORT VERSION: Developing Political Party Capacity (short)


DIPD Strategy 2014-2017

Published: August 2014

Read our strategy for 2014-2017 – “Ideas that can Inspire”

DOWNLOAD PDF: Danish and English
READ PDF: Danish and English


Annual Report 2013

Published: May 2014

DIPD is happy to present its Annual Report 2013, with frontline stories from the different political battlefields we have decided to engage in.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Annual Report 2013
READ PDF: Annual Report 2013

revisionspåtegning 2013

Revisionspåtegning 2013

Published: May 2014

DOWNLOAD PDF: Underskrevet revisionspåtegning og protokollat for DIPD for regnskabsåret 2013


Political Participation: Perspectives from Civil Society and Political Parties

Published: May 2013

A desk study on the results frameworks used by political party support orgnisations.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Political Participation – Perspectives from Civil Society and Political Parties


Study on Results Frameworks: Political Party Assistance

Published: May 2013

A desk study on results frameworks on how best to support political parties.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Political Party Assistance – Resultsframeworks


Annual Report 2012

Published: May 2013

DIPD is happy to present its Annual Report 2012, with frontline stories from the different political battlefields we have decided to engage in.

READ MORE: Annual Report 2012

READ PDF: Annual Report 2012

DOWNLOAD PDF: Download DIPD Annual Report 2012


Årsrapport 2012

Published: March 2013

Annual Report 2012 in Danish.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Årsrapport 2012 – del 1
Årsrapport 2012 – del 2


Revisionspåtegning 2012

Published: May 2013

DOWNLOAD PDF: Revisionspåtegning 2012 underskrevet

Review report_picture

Review of the Danish Institute of Parties and Democracy Published: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, November 2013

READ MORE: First review of DIPD is positive.


Management response_picture

Annual Report 2012

Published: May 2013

DIPD is happy to present its Annual Report 2012, with frontline stories from the different political battlefields we have decided to engage in.

READ MORE: Annual Report 2012

READ PDF: Annual Report 2012

DOWNLOAD PDF: Download DIPD Annual Report 2012

Management response_picture

DIPD Review 2013 – Response by the Board of DIPD

Published: 2013

READ MORE: First review of DIPD is positive.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Management response review


Political Parties at Local Level

Published: March 2013

A Guide for Local Political Party Organisation to support an empowerment of local political party organisations in Nepal. The publication is based on the experiences and inputs from a group of Danish politicians working at local level, as well as political party consultants. The experiences shared can be a useful source of inspiration and reflection when working with the strengthening of local political party branches in Nepal and in the understanding and development of Nepalese democracy in general.

DOWNLOAD PDF: English or Swahili

How to Build a Youth Wing: Youth Guide

How to Build a Youth Wing

Published: 2012

While very different in ideological outlook and organizational structure, all eight parties in the Danish Parliament have a youth wing and today it would be inconceivable for a political party in Denmark not to have a youth wing. This inspirational guide, covering 30 topics to debate and consider when building up political youth wings, is a joint greeting from Danish youth politicians and activists to all young people working with politics in countries in transition.

The booklet is divided into six chapters focusing on the building up of a youth wing, development of political positions, members, the relationship to the mother party – and campaigning and working with others.

READ PDF: How To Build A Youth Wing

DOWNLOAD PDF: How To Build A Youth Wing


Creating Effective Party-Based Communication

Published: 2012

A Communication Guideline for Political Parties has been prepared by the Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) in Kenya as part of the collaboration with the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP).The need for strengthening the political campaigns was identified after the last election in 2007. The election campaign was aggressive, marred by hate speech and focused on persons rather than politics. The election was followed by violence that cost more than 1,000 peoples’ lives and 600.000 internally displaced people.

READ MORE: Creating Effective Party-Based Communication

DOWNLOAD PDF: Creating Effective Party-Based Communication


Statement: Christiansborg seminar 2012

Published: 2012

The Christiansborg Seminar was driven by a search for ideas and experiences from different corners of the global village, to inspire all of us in our different localities, and focusing on political parties. The intention was not to search for the ‘one-size-fits-all’ magic bullet, which does not exist.Managing diversity and practicing equality are important dimensions of a democratic culture. Consequently, the focus of the seminar was on the various ways the principles of diversity and equality are managed and practiced in different cultural, social and political settings. Speakers and participants from all continents shared their rich stories and experiences, making the seminar a creative meeting and learning place.

READ PDF: Statement: Christiansborg Seminar 2012

DOWNLOAD PDF: Statement: Christiansborg Seminar 2012


Christiansborg seminar 2012 Report

Published: 2012

The Christiansborg 2012 Seminar was an important milestone for the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) because it was the first time we had the opportunity to bring together representatives of our partners after having started the practical work of the institute in 2011. As stated in our 2010-2013 strategy on“Political parties in a democratic culture”, the Christiansborg Seminar is intended to be an annual event which can offer an opportunity for Danish political parties and NGOs to learn from other Nordic organizations as well as from partners in political parties and democracy organizations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

READ MORE: Christiansborg Seminar 2012 Report

DOWNLOAD PDF: Christiansborg Seminar 2012 Report


Political Parties in Democratic Transitions

Published: 2012

The Reader Political Parties in Democratic Transition forms part of DIPDs multi-party engagement in Egypt and is a response to the request from a delegation of cross party politicians visiting Denmark in 2011 to learn from other transitional experiences.There are many transitions to choose among, but DIPD settled on Serbia, South Africa, Turkey and Indonesia. In their contributions, the writers trace a journey aimed at building democracies and bringing people to the center of power. We accompany the political activist, the political scientist, and the political party chief on the journey they have taken, and they generously share with us the challenges, dilemmas, choices and victories that they encountered on the transition road.

READ PDF: Political Parties in Democratic Transition

DOWNLOAD PDF: Political Parties in Democratic Transition



Background Document: Christiansborg Seminar 2012

Published: 2012

This background document is intended to bring together some of the existing knowledge in the three sub-themes of the seminar, women in local politics; young women in politics; women in transition countries, and it also offers a number of recommendations, which was part of the basis for discussion in the workshop in particular.Maryse Helbert writes about “Young women in politics – from household level to national politics”. She argues that getting more young women into politics can only be achieved if action is being taken from the household level right through to national politics.

READ PDF: Background Document: Christiansborg Seminar 2012

DOWNLOAD PDF: Background Document: Christiansborg Seminar 2012


Political Party Support

Published: 2012

In recent years more focus has been placed on drawing the lessons regard-ing strategies for and results of international support to political parties. In this connection a number of observations and critical remarks are made, which it is important to learn from when developing future projects. In this report a brief synthesis of the main points is presented followed by a collection of ideas to engage in a better way in support of political parties and their democratic mandate – in particular some of the important considerations in order to work towards the intended outcome.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Lessons Learned:Political Party Support


Idéer der kan inspirere

Published: 2012

While DIPD primarily communicates in English, our core group of partners consist of the Danish political parties represented in Parliament. To ensure that the parties can inform their members effectively about the various DIPD activities, we have recently published a brief introduction in Danish, outlining the partnerships established so far in both areas of cooperation: party-to-party partnerships and multiparty partnerships.

READ PDF: Idéer der kan inspirere


Annual Report 2010-2011

Published: 2012

The Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy was established by a bill of Parliament on 26 May 2010. Exactly one year later we celebrated the official opening in the Danish ‘Folketing’, and on that occasion also organised a conference on the future of democracy in Egypt, following the historical transformations taking place in the region at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Annual Report 2011-2012

READ MORE: Annual Report 2011-2012


DIPD Strategy 2011-2013

Published: May 2011

Read our Strategy “Political Parties in a Democratic Culture”



Årsrapport 2010-2011

Published: 2012

Ledelsesberetning, målrapportering, regnskab og ledelsespåtegning for DIPD.

DOWNLOAD PDF: DIPD Årsrapport 2010-2011

DIPD logo

Den Uafhængige Revisors Påtegning 2010-2011

Published: 2012

Rigsrevisionens revision af Årsrapporten 2010-2011 for DIPD.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Påtegning fra Rigsrevisionen 2010-2011