Annual Report 2012

DIPD is happy to present its Annual Report 2012, with frontline stories from the different political battlefields we have decided to engage in.

The numbers

DIPD has been busy since it all started in January 2011. In the past we have mainly been able to tell about our intentions and expectations. In the 2012 report we can finally present real stories about what has actually taken place.

Status at the end of 2012 was that 7 of the 8 political parties represented in Parliament had initiated a partnership, and a total of 13 partnerships in 9 countries had been started – in 5 countries in Africa, 2 in the Middle East and 2 in Latin America. The Institute as such had established multiparty partnerships in 7 countries – 3 in Asia, 3 in Africa and 1 in the Middle East.

The highlights

In the foreword by the Chairman and the Director we mention that this type of work requires time and patience. Certainly some of the countries chosen by DIPD are easier than others, because a democratic culture seems to have been strongly rooted in society. But even in the easiest countries it is clear to all of us that each step forward requires hard work.

Following a section on some global issues, the report offers a brief summary of the Christiansborg Seminar 2012, which was the highlight of the year. We succeeded in bringing representatives of all our partners to Copenhagen to share ideas and experiences about the participation of women in politics. Danish experiences were used as inspiration, knowing very well that no country can or should copy what Denmark has developed.

The Future

But most of the report is made up of short articles about the work which has now been started in the party-to-party as well as multiparty partnerships. Hopefully this can offer the reader an impression of both the exciting ideas being discussed; the challenges being confronted; the pride felt when things have been a success; and the patience required in all phases of the work.

While we publish this 2012 report, we are busy preparing for what will be the major event ion Danish soil: the municipal elections in November. We expect to bring around 60 representatives from as many political parties in 12 countries together, first to participate in a seminar, and then to experience the election firsthand in different parts of Denmark, hosted by the Danish parties.

This will undoubtedly be an important theme in the 2013 Annual Report!

Annual Report 2012