Women lining up for democracy

Women lining up for democracy

In anticipation of the celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March the political parties, participating in the multiparty dialogue in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan, expressed firm determination to bring more women to the forefront to take political responsibilities.

Maran Ja Seng Hkawn, MP from Kachin Myanmar (KDSP), is eager to share experiences with colleagues from Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal and expresses commitment to make more women line up for democracy:

“Today there are many different types of barriers – some changes require firm action from current political party leadership, but other changes are in the hands of women themselves to initiate”.

In  Nepal, a stronger position of women is both due to the prolonged political struggle that has made the crucial role of women visible, the efforts of the women’s movement, the joint and concerted efforts of the multiparty platform JOMPOPS, as well as legislative measures such as quotas.

DIPD director, Rasmus Helveg Petersen, held a key note speech stressing the need for cooperation and not just competition among political parties to bring about changes.

Colleagues from Bhutan are encouraged by the increase of female representation in the last local elections in Bhutan, but the overall result was still too low to ensure gender balance in the governance of Bhutan.

“Many of the agreements made by political parties and related stakeholders in 2014 still await implementation – including mentoring programmes for women candidates and MP’s, gender reviews of party manifestos and an increase in party nomination of women for political positions,” as expressed by Yeshey Choden, Peoples Democratic Party, Bhutan.

Maran Ja Seng Hkawn, MP from Kachin Myanmar (KDSP) and Yeshey Choden, Peoples Democratic Party, from Bhutan in talks with DIPD Senior Adviser Hanne Lund Madsen

“But we hope that the debate and renewed attention to gender balance on 8th March during the 2nd National Conference on Women in Governance, Leadership and Politics in Bhutan will provide a drive for more fundamental change in the future,” says Yeshey Choden.

The multiparty dialogue seminar was organized by Bhutan Democracy Dialogue and Election Commission Bhutan in partnership with DIPD with participation by DIPD Director Rasmus Helveg Petersen and DIPD Senior Adviser Hanne Lund Madsen. Tomorrow at the 8th March celebration Drude Dahlerup and Gitte Seeberg will also share their experiences with Women in Politics.





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