Director Bjørn Førde: Welcome to the Institute

Director Bjørn Førde: Welcome to the Institute

As Director of DIPD, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the world of DIPD. Through our website we intend to communicate actively with the Danish political parties, the Danish community interested in democratization, partners in developing countries as well as colleagues in the international community.

In the Strategy 2011-2011 on “Political Parties in a Democratic Culture”, we have stated very clearly that an important dimension of the establishment of the Institute is to provide Danish political parties with an opportunity of being directly and concretely involved in the part of Danish development cooperation that has to do with support for democratization in developing countries.

With regard to the political parties and their members, obviously the primary focus will be the projects implemented by each party – including general developments in the country where the party operates. Project updates, seminars, electoral campaigns, etc. will be featured on the DIPD website, and this will be linked to the websites of the political parties.

We hope that this information will also be of interest to a broader Danish audience interested in development cooperation in general and democracy and governance issues in particular. The Institute will also do its utmost to reach out to civil society organisations involved in areas that are part of the DIPD mandate – like human rights, gender, media, youth and civil society per se.

Of course we also see the website as a two-way channel for communication with partners in developing countries: we can keep them informed about what we are doing in different parts of the world, and they can provide inputs for our website about events, projects and knowledge products. This will be an important resource and inspiration for the Danish political parties.

It will finally be the ambition of the Institute to provide the Danish public with access to the international debate about support for political parties and party systems, not just the part of the debate that takes place among donors and think tanks in the Western world, but also the part which comes from political parties and democratic institutions in developing countries.

In conclusion: We will do our best to provide information about all of our activities as comprehensively and openly as resources allow. What you see on the website right now is just the start. We will need some time to populate all parts of the site, and in the process we will also get back to many of you for inputs and support.

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Bjørn Førde