Trust, trust and trust

Trust, trust and trust

The guests from Kenya and Zambia are Denmark in connection with their cooperation with Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP) which is a wing of Venstre, the Liberal Party of Denmark. Most of the guests come from Kenya, representing various political parties working together in Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD), which is the partner of DLDP in Kenya. The theme of the study tour to Denmark is “issue-based” politics. DLDP and CMD are working together in a project aiming at empowering the political parties to develop and communicate policies. The intention is to make it easier for the voters to tell the difference between the political parties on what they are saying rather than which ethnic groups, they are from.

The delegation also contains one representative from National Restoration Party (Narep) from Zambia. Narep is a new and ambitious opposition party.  DLDP is working together with Narep in a project which among other things aims at promoting the influence of young people and women within the party.

kenya venstre valg 2015

While in Denmark the delegation is also participating in the DIPD-conference on Women and Politics in 100 years. Prior to the conference, the delegation was exposed to various aspects of the society and political life in Denmark. Among other things they met with the deputy speaker of parliament, Mr. Bertel Haarder. They also witnessed the campaigns for the upcoming election for the Danish parliament and they were surprised to see how young and active, some of the campaigners are. The Kenyans and Zambians also visited to very different lobby organisations: The Federation of Cyclists and the Danish Food and Agriculture Council.

kenya venstre 2015

Another interesting meeting took place at the City Hall of Copenhagen, where one of the CEOs in the huge administration told the guests how the City is working with management by trust. The African politicians were even told, that the CEO encourages his employees to make mistakes in order to ensure innovation and development. That gave the African politicians some food for thought. The same was the case with the visit to the Danish parliament. Likewise, the guests were surprised to learn that there not such a thing as an electoral commission in Denmark. Asking what we have instead, the answer was: Trust.

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