Sharing Global Democracy Experiences

Sharing Global Democracy Experiences

More than fifty international guests gathered in a community center in Copenhagen, to learn about the Danish local democracy and the 2013 municipal elections.

This year DIPD has decided to make the Danish Municipal Elections an opportunity for inspiration and learning for some of our partners around the world.

DIPD believes that there are elements of Danish local level democracy that could be used as an inspiration for political party cadres in young democracies struggling to find out how to build sustainable, well-functioning and democratic local branches.

The purpose is not to duplicate what Denmark is doing, but rather to be inspired by the Danish example when it is considered relevant from the point of view of citizens in countries like Bhutan, Bolivia, Egypt, Ghana, Myanmar, Nepal, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In Denmark local level elections are seen as being very important, both from a democratic and a governance point of view. Democratically because it offers citizens an opportunity to focus on the communities they know best and from a governance point of view because many of the taxes paid by citizens are managed at the local level for public schools, maintenance of roads, health facilities and much more.

Some partners are currently in the process of discussing and developing approaches to the local level. For those, the seminar is an opportunity to strengthen this process. For others, the participation can serve to inspire a future process of local level involvement, strengthen the dialogue and cooperation across party lines, and share experiences in a South to South perspective.