Seminar on the Future of Democracy in Egypt

Seminar on the Future of Democracy in Egypt

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The general objective of the seminar was to provide participants with an opportunity to share ideas and experiences on the development of political parties and a well functioning multiparty system in the democratic culture unfolding in Egypt. The information and experience gathered will form an important part of the way DIPD engages in the capacity development process of Egyptian political parties.

Seminar 27 May 2011. Photo by DIPD/Thorkild Jensen

Background paper

Barbara Le Svarre and Rasmus Alenius Boserup prepared a background paper (download PDF), intended to provide an easy to read overview on the events that led to the transition, the major elements of the authoritarian order during the Mubarak regime, the contours of the new political order with a particular focus on the new multiparty system unfolding, and finally touching upon some of the considerations external actors need to be aware of in Egypt.