Projects in Bhutan, Bolivia and Honduras approved

Projects in Bhutan, Bolivia and Honduras approved

With the approval by the DIPD Board of two new political party cooperation projects and one multiparty project, the countries of Bhutan, Bolivia and Honduras have entered the list of DIPD project countries.

Yes Madam Prime Minister

In the small kingdom of Bhutan, DIPD takes a creative route to encourage the political participation of women, which is a massive challenge in the young democracy. Less than 14% of women are represented at parliament and with the first ever local government elections held in June 2011, less than 5% women have been elected as local leaders.

Through a series of media activities such as TV spots and a radio drama series produced by KCD Productions, DIPD intends to counter the traditional view of women as primarily belonging in caregiver roles in the household, and support female candidates who plan to run in the National Parliamentary elections in Bhutan in 2013.

The documentary ‘Yes Madam Prime Minister’ (‘La Aum Lyonchen’) is a key feature of the project. By telling the stories of the political lives of some prominent female politicians in Denmark, which like Bhutan has a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, the film seeks to support and encourage female parliamentary candidates in Bhutan. The film will focus on female members of Parliament, not least the first female Prime-Minister in Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt from Socialdemokraterne (the Social Democracts) who was elected in September 2011.

Latin America new project area

Socialistisk Folkeparti (the Socialist People’s Party) and Enhedslisten (the Red-Green Alliance) will in 2012 launch projects in Bolivia and Honduras respectively.


Socialistisk Folkeparti has entered into collaboration with the ruling party of Evo Morales, Movimiento al Socialismo – Instrumento Político por la Soberanía de los Pueblos (Movement for Socialism – Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples – MAS-IPSP).

The partnership seeks to capacity build MAS-IPSP by establishing mechanisms for internal disagreements resolution, thereby strengthening the capacity of the party to deal with internal conflicts, and secondly by consolidating the youth branch of MAS-IPSP and thus support youth participation. The 18-month long project will take off in January 2012.


Enhedslisten will in launch a project in collaboration with Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP). The 6-month long project will contribute to clarify how FNRP is to continue its work on a new Constitution for Honduras. Activities include exchange visits with left-wing parties from Bolivia and Ecuador as well as a visit to Enhedslisten in Denmark.

Enhedslisten will kick off their project with an open meeting 4 January with international secretary of FNRP, Gilberto Ríos Munguía, at their headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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