ZAMBIA: NAREP Youth League – A Strong Youth Voice

ZAMBIA: NAREP Youth League – A Strong Youth Voice

The Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP) has just returned from a successful youth seminar in Lusaka, Zambia. Almost 40 young members representing the partner, NAREP, from all over Zambia participated. This seminar was the first occasion for the youth fraction to meet, why the importance of the seminar became even clearer to the DLDP delegation.


By Sara Rønning-Bæk, facilitator and former International Officer, The Danish Liberal Youth

The seminar headline: “NAREP Youth League: What, Who and How?” aimed to partially help structure the future foundation such as statutes, independence from mother party and internal roles and responses while also partially create a framework for dialogue in a peaceful manner with constructive and respectful ways in mind. None the least the seminar wished to bring the youth fraction closer together as a united voice for the Zambian youth.

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Until this seminar the future for the youth fraction had been uncertain but the enthusiasm and passion was not to miss. The young members of NAREP worked determined and united to reach compromises and they all embraced the activities and sometimes at first sight silly icebreakers to be a part of the process. This created an atmosphere characterized by the wish to finding a way forward together.

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Indeed the seminar showed that the youth voice of NAREP wished to be more than just a silent population representative. They have a message and willpower to change the way politics is done in Zambia. Obviously the young newly elected National Executive Committee has many future obstacles and issues to address, but I feel certain that their determination and the support from DLDP and NAREP will ensure a great future. I cannot wait to follow the progress!


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