Egypt Survey Favourable to Amr Moussa

Egypt Survey Favourable to Amr Moussa

The survey is the first of four surveys to be completed before Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary election expected in November 2011, the next surveys will be conducted in September, October and November. It was carried out through face to face interviews August 5 through 17 among 2400 randomly selected Egyptian nationals aged 18 and above, covering 21 governorates.

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Summary of results:

Concerning the parliamentary elections:

  • Egypt can expect a large turnout of voters in the upcoming parliamentary elections – more than 80% say that they are likely to vote.
  • More than half of the voters are still undecided.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Freedom and Justice Party” has support from 31.5% of the decided voters. However, the ‘Freedom and Justice Party’ splits the electorate in half – 39% of the voters view the party unfavourably vs. 36% in the favourable group.
  • The political parties in general suffer from a lack of trust from the electorate – only the ‘Revolutionary Youth Coalition’ has a strong favourable/unfavourable (44% vs. 24%) standing. The party is also the only other party with a double digit support of 17.2%.

Concerning presidential elections:

  • Former Secretary General of the Arab League and Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa has a commanding lead in the presidential race with 44% of voters, while Ahmed Shafiq (former interim prime minister) is second with 12% of voters. Amr Moussa also has strong favourable/unfavourable (54% vs. 30%).
  • As with the elections to the parliament many voters are still undecided (45% of all voters).
  • Former Director General of the International Atomic Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei only gathers a limited support of 4% of the decided voters, with an unfavourable rating of 68% vs. 14% favourable.

The survey contains more results on the Egyptian political landscape – for further knowledge or comments, please contact:

Dr. Gamal Abdel Gawad Soltan, Director of ACPSS (+20101528417,

Mr. Jakob Erle, Director of DEDI (+20100043860,