Egypt Poll Released

Egypt Poll Released

The survey was conducted from April 14-27, 2011 and based on 1,200 interviews. It represents the first of its kind conducted by the IRI in Egypt and one of the first major releases of public opinion research in Egypt since the departure of Hosni Mubarak. The survey and accompanying analysis are by IRI described as a way to aid democratic governance as understanding and responding to public sentiment are crucial elements of democracy.

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Key Results

A large majority of respondents in the survey expressed support for the January 25 revolution, in which 28 percent state to have participated, and feel that the events will have a positive impact on the future of Egypt.

However, while support for the resignation of Hosni Mubarak is widespread, doubts remain when questions touch upon the political future of Egypt. The survey shows that a vast majority of 95 percent are likely to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Yet, in an open-ended question asking for whom they would vote, 65 percent responded that they did not know.

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IRI Analysis of Results (English)

Irrespective, the survey also implies that the state of the Egyptian economy, and security and crime are foremost in the minds of Egyptians, and consequently issues to be addressed by any future government of Egypt.

IRI Egyptian Public Opinion Suvery (Arabic)

IRI Analysis of Results (Arabic)