DIPD and Union Election Commission of Myanmar signs Memorandum of Understanding

DIPD and Union Election Commission of Myanmar signs Memorandum of Understanding

DIPD and Union Election Commission (UEC) of Myanmar signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – a formal agreement outlining the terms and details of their collaboration in Myanmar at the UEC office in Naypyidaw on Monday June 4.

The MoU marked the goodwill, friendship and mutual interest in continuing the existing spirit of cooperation between the UEC and DIPD and it signifies the potential contribution that partnership may bring to the development of democratic electoral processes and political culture in Myanmar.

DIPD’s Chairman, Henrik Bach Mortensen in conversation with UEC’s representative. Photo from Myanmar Ministry of Information.

DIPD’s activities in Myanmar work to enhance multiparty dialogue and trust building between parties as they cooperate to advance joint policy goals and to enhance the capacity of political parties to be effective actors in the democratic process. During the 2015 elections, DIPD worked with election commission officials and political parties both at the national (union) and sub-national (state and region) level to share electoral information and to peaceful campaigns and elections with high levels of political party participation. DIPD also trained women and youth as campaign agents, campaigners and polling monitors in poll watching countrywide.

With the MoU, DIPD is looking forward to strengthen its support for elections and democracy and working with the UEC in the run-up to the 2020 parliamentary elections and beyond.

DIPD’s Chairman, Henrik Bach Mortensen, DIPD’s Director, Rasmus Helveg Petersen, and DIPD’s Country Representative in Myanmar, Khin Thazin Myint with UEC representatives at the MoU signing Ceremony. Photo from Myanmar Ministry of Information.

Watch the TV news story from Myanma Radio and Television here.


News clip from Myanma Alinn Daily, June 5 2018


News clip from The Global New Light of Myanmar, June 5 2018

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