Democracy celebrated at 7th People’s Meeting

Democracy celebrated at 7th People’s Meeting

For the 7th consecutive year, the island of Bornholm welcomed more than 25.000 daily visitors to Denmark’s biggest political festival. As always, DIPD participated in celebrating Danish democracy.

Each year, political parties, journalists, NGO’s and hundreds of other organisations gather in the small coastal town Allinge on the island of Bornholm to engage in four days of intense dialogue, debate and relation-building. More than 3.200 events were on offer during the 4-day festival, and DIPD once again did its part to celebrate Danish democracy.

Informal dialogue and intense debates

Even though the astonishing amount of events provided plenty of opportunities to discuss everything from the decreasing trust in politicians to the latest developments in medical rehabilitation (after a morning yoga session, but before singing worker’s songs with the trade unions), most would argue that what the People’s Meeting does best is to facilitate the informal dialogue between politicians and citizens. With the festival being an open and free event, everyone is welcome and the festival format allows you plenty of opportunities to have a chat with Ministers, MP’s and Mayors alike.

For DIPD, it was another aprreciated opportunity to catch up with the Danish political parties and discuss not only their international partnerships, but also the current developments on our own political scene.

But there was also time for DIPD director, Rasmus Helveg Petersen, to participate in a couple of larger events. The first of which took the form of a creative competition, where three different teams spend half a day working towards the best campaign idea ahead of the Danish Municipal Elections in November 2017 – an event which will be attended by a multitude of DIPD partners. Rasmus Helveg Petersen was part of the jury, which selected a campaign that looks to increase the voter turnout among young people come November.

Danish youth shares experiences

Generally, the role of youth in politics played a big role at this year’s People’s Meeting. The Danish youth parties participated in many debates on both national and international matters, on of which was organised by DIPD and long-time partner, The Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI). Stage and mic was given to four members of four different Danish youth politicians, who shared their experiences from the Danish-Egyptian Political Party Youth Network, where young Danish and Egyptian politicians gather for political dialogue and capacity development.

All in all, the People’s Meeting once again showcased that the openess and peacefulness of Danish Democracy is still a thing to be cherished.

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