Danish politicians visit Burkina Faso

Danish politicians visit Burkina Faso

DIPD is working to strengthen political dialogue among the fourteen political parties represented in the national assembly in Burkina Faso. The space for political dialogue and cooperation between parties in a multi-party system is particularly focusing on improving representation of women and youth in the political party structures. The project is implemented through an electoral cycle approach accompanying political parties in the process towards 2020 where the general elections will take place.

As part of DIPD activities to enhance Multiparty dialogue – DIPD and the implementing partner in Burkina Faso, CGD, organised an exchange visit between Lone Loklindt from the Danish Social-Liberal Party and Niels Fuglsang from the Social Democratic Party and a delegation of politicians from Burkina Faso. The purpose of the exchange visit was for the Danish Politicians to enter into dialogue with Burkina Faso politicians on opportunities in Burkina Faso for multi-party dialogue and cooperation.

Niels Fuglsang, the Danish Ambassador to Burkina Faso Ulla Næsby Tawiah, Aziz Dabo from NAFA and Lone Loklindt.

The Danish politicians and Martin Rosenkilde Pedersen, DIPD Senior Program Officer responsible for Burkina Faso, visited various political party headquarters and discussed future project activities with the political parties in Burkina Faso for 2019 and 2020.

Lone Loklindt expressed afterwards her thoughts about the project and the situation in Burkina faso:

The democracy is fragile after the uprising in 2014, transitional government, failed coup d’état and new election in the end of 2015. We have visited the headquarters of the different political parties with all the participants, which was an eye-opener for everyone. There is a need for reconciliation among the parties and a need to join forces to strengthen the economic development of the country.

And Niels Fuglsang stated:

It is important that both Denmark and the EU allocate resources to promote a better world and ensure stability in the African societies such as Burkina Faso. It is enormously encouraging that the political parties in Burkina Faso are committed to work on enrolling more youth and women in politics. When we ensure equality, there is a better chance of a long-lasting democracy.

In this video, Niels Fuglsang shares his thoughts about the visit (in Danish):

Read more about DIPD’s engagement in Burkina Faso here.

For more information contact Senior Program Officer at DIPD, Martin Rosenkilde Pedersen at mrp@dipd.dk.

The pictures in this article have been provided by Lone Loklindt. The video is provided by Niels Fuglsang.