Call for transparent elections and human rights in Honduras

Call for transparent elections and human rights in Honduras

The upcoming elections were a key topic during DIPDs meeting with Romero, who spoke about the political developments in Honduras in recent years which have to a large degree been defined by the coup d’état in 2009. The coup removed then president Manuel Zelaya from power and new elections were held in which the National Party (Partido Nacional de Honduras) won the presidency and the majority in the national congress.

The LIBRE party came into being as an extension of the National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP) in Honduras, a broad democratic leftwing movement opposed to the 2009 coup.

Romero talked about the different social and political challenges currently faced by Honduran society, including rampant organized crime (the country has one of the world’s highest murder rates), political violence, drug trafficking, and the need to improve women’s rights and social standing as well as women’s political representation. A key goal of LIBRE is to ensure constitutional reform to help solving these issues.

During the meeting Romero emphasized that LIBRE is very interested in raising international awareness of the upcoming elections to ensure that they take place in the most free and fair manner possible.

Also, in keeping with the LIBRE party’s focus on promoting women’s rights and participation, LIBRE places significance on having their female party leader Xiomara Castro among the lead candidates for the country’s presidency.

Romero stressed that no matter the outcome of the elections, the most important thing is the enhancement of democratic culture and dialogue in Honduras and to build a participative democracy that will be for the benefit of all citizens rather than a small group of families.

The meeting with Honduran youth politician Scarleth Romero from the LIBRE party was organized by the Danish Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten). Romero is spending a week in Denmark with the Red-Green Alliance meeting representatives of Danish political parties, NGOs and civil society organizations, as well as speaking to Danish national media.

Earlier this week Scarleth Romero gave an interview to Danish national television for the DR2 Dagen news show – click here to watch.

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