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Danish Muncipal Elections 2013

”DIPD’s goal is to give our partners ideas that can inspire to their work with local politics in their country”

KV13 is the Danish acronym for Muncipal Elections 2013. On Tuesday 19 November 2013, the Danes were invited to participate in the election of 98 muncipal and 5 regional councils. This is an exercise that takes place every four years on the third Tuesday of November, and it is an important dimension of the Danish democracy. In 2013 DIPD decided to make KV13 an opportunity for inspirtation and learning for our partners around the world.

KV13 Participants

Photo: KV13 Participants

The programme

Participants from around the world were initially invited to a two day seminar where the most important elements in the Danish political and democratic system were presented and discussed.  The international participants then followed the Danish local politicians around the country at the end of the election campaign, the voting and the counting of votes. Finally, participants took part in a final seminar where there was time to reflect on the experience of the muncipal elections and to discuss how these experiences may be relevant to the diversity of local political environments that the delegates represented.

Final Report on the KV13

After the event, a final report was made. The report describes the different seminars and speakers. The report also holds the feedback and conclussions made by the participants. To read the full report click on the picture below


Film about the DIPD Study Tour and the Danish municipal elections

DIPD has together with Bread and Butter & Gunpowder Productions produced a 17-minute long film about the KV13 Study Tour. The film provides an insight into the tour, the DIPD partnerships and offers a good introduction to the Danish municipal elections.

Documents related to the KV13 Study Tour

Final Report from DIPD’s KV13 Study Tour

Read the welcome letter from DIPD’s director to our international guests.

KV13 DIPD Study Tour and Programme

Experiences from KV09

The Local Government Reform (in Brief) (by LGDK)

Introduction to Local Government Denmark (by LGDK)

The Parliamentary System of Denmark 2012 (By Folketinget)

Who’s Who in the Folketing August 2013 (By Folketinget)

Fact Sheet on the Danish Parliament. (By Folketinget)

Political Parties in Denmark. (By Folketinget)

Gender Perspectives on Danish Municipal Politics (By KVINFO)

Read more on the Danish Muncipal Election and see a movie about DIPD’s KV13-study tour here.