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Christiansborg Seminar


Managing diversity and practicing equality are important dimensions of a democratic culture. The focus of the seminar were on the various ways the principles of diversity and equality are managed and practiced in different cultural, social and political settings.

Speakers and participants from all continents shared their stories and experiences, making the seminar a meeting and learning place in the following areas:

The 1st day took place at Christiansborg – with high level speakers offering their visions. The 2nd day was a workshop day with sessions on the three themes finalized with an action plan for how political party assistance can support women in the three areas.

The seminar was organized on the basis of ‘invitation only’, with a major focus on political parties and party institutes in the Nordic countries, Danish civil society organizations, and partners from the countries around the world where the Nordic organizations are active.

The Christiansborg Seminar is an annual event, bringing DIPD partners and colleagues from around the world together to share ideas and practices on a specific theme. The seminar offers a unique opportunity for Danish political parties and NGOs to learn from other Nordic organisations as well as from partners in political parties and democracy organisations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Christiansborg is the name of the historic building in central Copenhagen where the Danish parliament, Folketinget, resides. This is where the elected politicians meet to debate and adopt the Danish legislation. This has been the procedure since the first democratic constitution was adopted in 1849The Christiansborg Seminar is named after this central political and historic place, and the tower of the building is pictured on the documents of the seminar.