Dissidents of the then Danish Communist Party, who wanted a truly independent political platform in Denmark, founded the Socialist People’s Party (Socialistisk Folkeparti – SF) in 1959.

Following a landslide national election in 2007, the party rebranded itself as a modern left-wing party with a focus on the environment, welfare and equality. The party also initiated a close partnership with the Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne) culminating in the 2011 parliamentary elections after which the party formed a coalition government with the Social Democrats and Social-Liberal Party. In early 2014, the Danish Socialist People’s Party left the coalition.

Since the 2019 election they have been one of the supporting parties to the Social Democratic government


Name in Danish
Socialistisk Folkeparti
Name in English
Socialist People’s Party
Party Leader
Pia Olsen Dyhr
Seats in Parliament
14 of 179 seats
8.131 (2016)
Representative on the DIPD Board
Turid Leirvoll

DIPD Partnerships


The Board of DIPD has approved a proposal from the Danish Socialist Party, SF, to enter into a partnership with Movimento al Socialismo (MAS) in 2012. The latest partnership project ran until the end of 2015, with a focus on strengthening the participation of women and youth, as well as strengthening conflict management, dialogue and consensual policymaking. The project is expected to continue at least until the middle of 2017.

More information

Contact the Socialist People’s Party’s International Coordinator, Marianne Victor Hansen at marianne.victor.hansen@ft.dk

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