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One of the oldest parties in Denmark, the Liberal Party of Denmark (Venstre) is rooted in the liberal tradition emphasizing individual freedom, free markets and liberalization of business.  The Liberal Party formed a single party minority government after elections in June 2015. In 2016, a coalition was however formed with the Conservative People’s Party and Liberal Alliance to expand the parliamentary support and reduce the risk of an early election.  Via DIPD the party has partnerships with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy in Kenya,


Name in Danish
Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
Name in English
Liberal Party of Denmark
Party Leader
Jakob Ellemann-Jensen
Seats in Parliament
42 of 179 seats
34.484 (2017)
Representatives on the DIPD Board
Second Deputy Chairman Michael Aastrup Jensen and Jens Husted.

DIPD Partnerships

In 2010, the Liberal Party established an independent organisation, Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP). DLDP aims at contributing to strengthening of sister parties and multiparty democracy in developing countries within the framework of the DIPD.

Aiming at contributing to multiparty democracy in Kenya, DLDP has joined forces with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy–Kenya (CMD-K). The first project was launched in November 2011 and ran until the end of 2013. The latest project will run until the middle of 2017. For all project periods, the collaboration focuses on two issues of key importance to political life in Kenya: youth in politics and political party communication


To support multiparty democracy in Zambia, DLDP is partnering with the small opposition party, the National Restoration Party (NAREP). The project seeks to support the capacity of NAREP through assisting the party in establishing well-functioning internal procedures as well as supporting the development of policy positions on major issues in Zambia,  and promoting the inclusion of women and youth in politics. . The collaboration was approved by the DIPD Board in December 2012 and and the newest programme will run until the middle of 2017.

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