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The Danish Social- Liberal Party (Radikale Venstre) is situated at the centre of the Danish political spectrum, and has historically collaborated with both the left and right wing parties in parliament. With the Danish parliamentary election in 2019 the Social-Liberals serve as a collaboration  party with theDanish Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne).

The Social-Liberal Party was founded as an independent party at the start of the century. Originally many intellectuals, small scale farmers, and craftsmen supported the party, but today it receives support from all areas of Danish society.


Name in Danish
Radikale or Det Radikale Venstre
Name in English
Danish Social-Liberal Party
Party Leader
Morten Østergaard
Seats in Parliament
16 of 179 seats
7.000 (2016)
Representative on the DIPD Board
Mette Annelie Rasmussen

DIPD Partnerships

Radikale Venstre has established a DIPD working group, which is responsible for project identification and monitoring.  The working group include representatives from the International Committee, a member of the parliamentary group of Radikale Venstre, the party’s representative on the DIPD board, representatives for the information association NETOP, a representative for the party’s youth division as well as others with experience within the field. The group is closely linked to the International Committee of Radikale Venstre.


In 2012, the Social-Liberal Party entered a partnership with the Tanzanian political party, the Civic United Front (CUF).  CUF was founded in 1992 after the alteration of the Tanzanian constitution to allow for a multiparty system, and has since established itself as one of the largest parties in Tanzania, and a key opposition force to ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM). The collaboration seeks to strengthen the capacity of CUF with a particular focus on improving policy development and organisation at local level. The current project will run until the middle of 2017 and focus particularly on capacity building of the party to strengthen the development of policies and engagement of members, as well as the inclusion of women, youth and marginalized groups.


In the second part of 2015, The Social-Liberal Party has conducted an appraisal in Ghana, thereby laying the foundations for a future partnership in the country. The next steps are expected to be taken early in 2016.

More Information

Regarding Tanzania, contact Henrik Brade, The Social-Liberal Party: henrikbrade@mail.com.

Regarding Ghana, contact Bernhard Trier Frederiksen, FORA: bernhard@fora.dk

Visit the homepage of The Danish Social-Liberal Party.