Liberal Alliance is one of the youngest parties in parliament. Founded first as Ny Alliance (New Alliance), it experienced a difficult start following a disappointing first election.

Since then, the party has reestablished itself as a truly liberal party in Denmark, advocating for liberal economic policies with public sector restructuring and tax cuts. The party further cemented its existence with impressive results in the 2015 parliamentary elections. It is currently supporting the one-party minority government.


Name in Danish
Liberal Alliance
Name in English
Liberal Alliance
Party Leader
Anders Samuelsen
Seats in Parliament
13 of 179 seats
Representative on the DIPD Board
Dennis Nørmark

DIPD Partnerships


In 2013, Liberal Alliance and one of the key opposition parties in Bolivia, VERDES, entered into partnership. The general objective of the project was to assist VERDES in building a credible, coherent, effective and sustainable national alternative to MAS, thus insuring, that Bolivia can take a first step towards recreating a real multiparty system.

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