DIPD Funding Windows and Applications (October 2017, revised version)

See the 2015 guidelines here.

The guidelines can be found in Spanish here.

The guidelines can be found in French here.

For questions please contact DIPD’s secretariat at dipd@dipd.dk or send a regular letter to: Jemtelandsgade 1, DK-2300, København S.


DIPD Guidelines – October 2017

Annex 1

Application Format – Appraisal

Annex 2

Final Report – Appraisal

Annex 3

Application Format – Party Project – Dec 2017

Annex 3A

Application Format – Integrated Project – Dec 2017

Annex 3B

Application Format – Multiparty Cooperation Project Template – Dec 2017

Annex 4

Periodic Status Report – Format

Annex 5

Final Report – Party Project

Annex 6

Party-Partner Agreement

Annex 6A

Party-Partner Agreement Integrated

Annex 7

Party-Partner - Financial Agreement

Annex 8

Party-Partner -Transfer Document

Annex 9

DIPD Party Project Budget Sheet 2018-2020

Annex 9A

DIPD Multiparty Project Budget Sheet 2018-2020

Annex 10

DIPD Audit Instructions

Annex 11

DIPD Check List for the Accounts Section

Annex 12

Note on Consultancy Fees

Annex 13

DIPD Monitoring Guidelines

Annex 14

DIPD Global Results Framework