Bestyrelsens medlemmer

Bestyrelsen er det øverste beslutningstagende organ i DIPD. Ud af de 15 medlemmer er 9 udpeget af de danske partier, 2 er udpeget af Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd (DUF) og endelig udpeger Ministeren for Udviklingssamarbejde, Rektorkollegiet, NGO FORUM og Institut for Menneskerettigheder ét medlem hver. Blandt medlemmerne, vælger bestyrelsen en formand. Bestyrelsesmedlemmerne er udpeget for en fireårig periode med mulighed for genvalg.

Chairman of the Board

Henrik Bach Mortensen

Henrik Bach Mortensen is the Chairman of the Board of the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy.

He has been a member of the National Board of Venstre, the Liberal Party, and he is a co-founder of the political think-tank CEPOS.

He holds an MA in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and an M.Phil. in Economics from Cambridge University, UK.

Henrik Bach Mortensen is a Director with the Confederation of Danish Employers, responsible for three-partite negotiations with the government and unions on labor market policies, qualifications and education.

He has been involved in international activities through the Liberal Party, the ELDR, The German Marshall Fund, the OECD and as a Danish delegate to the UN General assembly.

Henrik Bach Mortensen is appointed to the Board by Venstre.

First Deputy Chairman

Mette Gjerskov

Mette Gjerskov is the first Deputy Chairman of the Board of  the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy. A post she has since july 2014. She is the former Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and currently a Member of Parliament for the Danish Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne). She is the Social Democrat spokesperson on development cooperation.

Mette Gjerskov holds a Master degree in Agronomics from the Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University from 1993. Previously, she has been the Chief executive of the Volunteer Center in Denmark (2004-2005) and Head of Section BioTIK secretariat at the National Consumer Agency of Denmark (2001-2004). She has also held the position as Head of section at the Directorate for Food, Ficheries and Agro Business (1999-2000), as well as Head of Section at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries(1995-1999). Mette Gjerskov has also served as Vice President of the Danish Red Cross (1999 to 2004).

Mette Gjerskov is appointed to the Board by the Socialdemocrats

Second Deputy Chairman

Michael Aastrup Jensen

Michael Aastrup Jensen is the Second Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy. A post he has held since October 2015. He is the former Mayor of Randers (2002-2006) and has been a member of the Danish Parliament for the Liberal Party (Venstre) since 2005.  He is currently the Liberal Party spokesperson on development cooperation and foreign affairs.

Michael Aastrup Jensen holds a BSc in Economics from the Danish Commercial Academy, Randers from 1999. He is the Chairman of the Danish delegation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from 2015, a position which he also held from 2007-2011.  Amongst other things, he has been a member of the executive committee of the Liberal Party since 2012, the vice-chairman of the ALDE Group from 2008, as well as the Chairman of the Liberal Party’s internal Legal Affairs Committee (2005-2007).

Michael Aastrup Jensen is appointed to the Board by Venstre.

Board Member

Rolf Aagaard-Svendsen

Rolf Aagaard-Svendsen is presently the chair of the international committee of the Conservative Party.  He is former mayor and member of the City Council in Lyngby-Taarbæk, a municipality north of Copenhagen. He has also been chair of the Conservative party in his constituency. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering and a Ph.D. in systems engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

Professionally, he has worked as a management consultant for Danish and international private as well as public companies and has held management positions in various companies. He is now working as an independent consultant.

Rolf Aagaard-Svendsen is appointed to the Board by Konservative.

Board Member

Dennis Nørmark

Dennis Nørmark is a writer, critique and commentator at Politiken and a former lecturer at Aarhus University, the department of anthropology. He writes books, and gives lectures on popular science in the humanities and social sciences, and develop teaching and consultancy work in cultural understanding.

Dennis Nørmark is a former chief consultant and currently a board member of both DIPD and The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR)  He is a regular guest on Danish television and radio, both as an opinion maker and as a professional anthropologist

Dennis Nørmark is appointed to the Board by Liberal Alliance.

Board Member

Turid Leirvoll

Appointed by the Socialist People’s Party (Socialistisk Folkeparti)

Board Member

Claus Thure Hastrup

Appointed by The Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten)

Board Member

Steen Thomsen

Steen Thomsen did his training in Danske Bank and has completed the programme in management at the banks own academy. He has been the deputy manager in several departments of Danske Bank.

He is now working as an organizational consultant for the Danish Peoples Party. Since 1999 he has been a part of the party board and chairing the Internal Training Committee

Steen Thomsen is married to Anne Marie Holmgaard Thomsen and live in Horsens with their four children.

Steen Thomsen is appointed to the Board by the Danish Peoples Party (Dansk Folkeparti)

Board Member

Mette Annelie Rasmussen

Appointed by The Social-Liberal Party (Radikale Venstre)

Board Member

Ida Paetau

Appointed by The Danish Youth Council

Board Member

Jens Husted

Jens Husted is the former chairman of the youth wing of the Danish Liberal Party (Venstre). He holds a master’s degree in political science from Aarhus University, and currently works as a communications advisor.

Jens Husted was appointed to the DIPD Board by the Danish Youth Council (DUF).

Board Member

Anne Mette Kjær

Anne Mette Kjær is Associate Professor at the Department for Politcal Science and Government at Aarhus University. From August 2009 to January 2013 she held the post of Director of Studies. Anne Mette holds a PhD degree in Political Science from University of Aarhus.

Anne Mette Kjær has nearly 20 years of experience as a researcher, fieldworker and analyst in the areas of governance and political economy analysis. She has extensive experience with research on governance, politics, and political economy in East Africa, and in particular in Uganda. Anne Mette has been co-ordinating research projects across institutions and countries in North and South and she has extensive teaching experience in African politics.

Furthermore Anne Mette has in depth knowledge of development aid, achieved from research as well as from membership of Danida’s Board.

Anne Mette Kjær was appointed as a member of the Board by the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation.

Board Member

Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard

Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard is Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Copenhagen, where he has also served as Executive Director of the Centre for Voting and Parties. He is educated as a political scientist from Columbia University and the University of Copenhagen. He has been a Visiting Fellow at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge, and held visiting appointments at several universities, including Columbia, New York, Riga, George Mason and Yale. He served 2007-08 on the Danish Governments’ Committee for a “Canon of Democracy” and has been Vice President of the Danish Social Science Research Council and President of the Danish Political Science Association.

He is European Editor of the academic journal “Public Choice” and serves on the editorial board of several other journals within political science and political economy.

Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard is appointed to the Board by Rektorkollegiet.

Board Member

Elsebeth Krogh

Elsebeth Krogh is director of the Danish Centre for Culture and Development. She has worked more than 25 years in the field of international development and humanitarian assistance. She is a humanitarian, governance and gender specialist with extensive experience from conflict-affected areas. She has long-standing experience with strategic management and leadership as International Director of one of the largest Danish humanitarian organisations, Dan Church Aid, as well as broad experience in training, research, project planning, programming and evaluation. Before starting up Copenhagen Consultants ApS in 2010, she was a senior consultant with COWI.

She served on the Board of Danida from 1996-2005 and is well-known for her active engagement in the NGO sector in Denmark.

Elsebeth holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from the Scandinavian International Management Institute and a Master of Science in Economic Geography from the University of Copenhagen.

Elsebeth Krogh is appointed to the Board by  Globalt Fokus

Board Member

Lisbet Ilkjær

Lisbet Ilkjær is working as Department Director at the Danish Institute for Human Rights. Since 2007, she has been responsible for the development and implementation of DIHR’s West Africa Strategy, primarily in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. From 2007 – 2010 she was posted in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, as DIHR management adviser to the Ministry for Promotion of Human Rights. She has also worked on criminal procedure and human rights in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and the Balkans.

She holds an LL.M in Law from the University of Copenhagen as well as an LL.M in International Public Law from King’s College, London. Before joining DIHR, she worked for the Danish Ministry of Justice as public prosecutor, and as part time teacher in ‘International Public Law’ at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. She was admitted to the Danish Bar Association in 2005.

Lisbet Ilkjær is appointed to the Board by the Danish Institute for Human Rights


Kathrine Lauritzen

Kathrine Lauritzen is a board observer on behalf of The Alternative Party.