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Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute

The Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) is an independent institution based in Cairo with the strategic aim of enhancing political life in Egypt, as well as Europe and the Arab World at large, and to improve mutual understanding and dialogue between communities living in these areas.

DEDI was established in 2004 as a project under the “Danish-Arabic Partnership Program” with funding from the Danish Development Agency (DANIDA). Today, the institute has a Danish-Egyptian Executive Board and is fully funded by DANIDA.

Focus of Programmes

DEDI works for inclusion and democracy on all levels, promotes social change and gender equality and supports the development of strong media and education. In 2010 the projects were assembled in three thematic programme areas focused on:

  • Governance: to support and promote inclusive and democratic societies in the Arab World and in Europe.
  • Gender: to support and promote the acceleration of social change in Egypt through a gendered lens, and finally;
  • Knowledge: to promote the strengthening of knowledge-based societies in the Arab World and in Europe. The programme especially focuses on media and education.

Cooperation with DIPD

DEDI and DIPD have established a partnership focused on supporting the democratization in Egypt and are both implementing partners in the project entitled ‘Towards a dynamic and participatory political party environment’. As part of the project, a delegation of 11 representatives from the political parties, civil society organisations and media visited Denmark in September 2011 to observe the Danish parliamentary elections. The delegation was undertaken in close cooperation with DEDI.

Furthermore, DEDI played a key role in the DIPD conference, 26 May 2011, on ‘The Future of Democracy in Egypt & Tunisia and the Role of External Partners’ and seminar, 27 May 2011, on ‘The Future of Democracy in Egypt: The Role of Political Parties and External Partners’.


  • Established in 2004
  • Based in Cairo, Egypt
  • Director: Jakob Erle