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Posts tagged ‘Institut for Flerpartisamarbejde’

Danish Prime Minister greets Bhutan

On June 5, the Danes celebrated Constitution Day, with party leaders, ministers and MPs speaking around the country. The delegation from Bhutan had the chance to meet several of them, including the Prime Minister.

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Strengthening democracy in the Himalayas

Today DIPD kicks off a study tour for political parties from Bhutan and Nepal to Denmark entitled “Learning from Danish Democracy in Action 2014”.

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Progressive forces create shifts in Swaziland’s Democracy Movement

Elections in Swaziland September 20, secured a range of progressive forces from the Swazi Democratic Party, SWADEPA, a place in parliament. Even before the work has begun, the party is making headlines with demands on democratic reforms in the kingdom.

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”Making a good community even better”

In Hillerød north of Copenhagen, 8 candidates argued their case as representatives of 8 political parties or lists, with more than 100 citizens from the local community listening carefully to find out which candidates they preferred. Or had they already made up their mind?

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Volunteers are key to success

The ability to mobilize volunteers is key to a well-run election campaign. The top candidate for the Social Liberal party in Copenhagen, Anna Mee Allerslev, is ready to move with the massive support of her campaign machinery.

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