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Posts tagged ‘Elections’

Conversations with Party Leaders in Nepal

While on mission to Nepal to meet with the six parties cooperating with DIPD, the DIPD Director met with key leaders of the political parties. This was an opportunity to get an impression of the new political situation following the November 2013 elections.

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A new beginning in Nepal

On 1st January 2014, Steering Committee members of JOMPOPS (DIPD’s local partner in Nepal) met to discuss the way forward in the changed political context, following the elections for a new Constituent Assembly on 19 November 2013.

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Getting ready for local elections

An interesting autumn lies ahead. DIPD plans to be very active in the time around the upcoming Danish local election. DIPD has employed Line Stange Ramsdal as a student to assist in preparation and management of the activities.

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Pro-Revolutionary Forces Support Election in Egypt Today Despite Threats of Boycott

The demands of the latest demonstrations at Tahrir square have not been meet this first day of election in post-revolution Egypt. Many of the newly created liberal parties threatened to pull out of the election because of the hard handed treatment of the demonstrators. Read more

Egyptian Delegation to Observe Danish Elections

Between 11 and 18 September 2011, seven Egyptian politicians from a wide range of Egyptian political parties as well as four representatives from Egyptian civil society visit Denmark to study and observe the Danish parliamentary elections. Read more