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Materials On Danish Democracy

When an Egyptian Delegation visited Denmark for the 2011 parliamentary elections, we compiled this set of materials as an introduction to the political system. The materials cover aspects like the history of parliamentarism, electoral system and the media.

political parties

Political parties

This leaflet presents information about the majority of the political parties – their basic values and political principles; what social, economic and cultural issues they consider to be most pertinent; in some cases what they think about foreign policy; and for some of the parties a bit about the organisational structure. The parties are presented in order of their size in the present Parliament/Folketing

The Danish Parliament


This leaflet provides you with an introduction to Danish democracy as exerted at Christiansborg Palace. It is one of a series of fact sheets dealing with general elections, MPs, parliamentary work and tasks; Christiansborg Palace and the political parties.

The Danish Parliamentary System

The parliamentary system

The Parliamentary Electoral System in Denmark provides a description in English of the Danish electoral system of proportional representation for the Folketing, the Danish unicameral parliament, with special emphasis on items which are considered particularly interesting in a comparative perspective, such as the establishment and updating of an electoral register, and the handling of advance voting. The publication also gives an account of the current national election administration system and contains a number of tables to illustrate the computation of election results.

 The Parliamentary Electoral System in Denmark

The parliamentary system

This leaflet presents a short and concise outline of Danish democracy and explains how the parliamentary system works.

Media Factsheet


A historical overview of the “fourth power” in the Danish political system, the media, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Danish Democracy Canon


On 31 May 2007, the Danish Government set up a committee whose task was to draw up a democracy canon. The democracy canon contains what the committee believes to be key events, philosophical trends and political texts that have played an important role in the development of Danish democracy. The committee has pointed to 35 canon items as key landmarks in the long evolutionary history of democracy.

The democracy canon is envisaged as a source of inspiration for debate about and understanding of the preconditions for modern democracy in Denmark.

 My Constitutional Act

The constitution

This leaflet contains the entire Constitutional Act with comprehensive annotations and explanations for each section.