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DIPD Funding Windows and Applications (October 2015, revised version)

For questions please contact DIPD’s secretariat at or send a regular letter to: Jemtelandsgade 1, DK-2300, København S.

Files for download:

Guidelines DIPD Guidelines – Application, Administration and Formats
Annex 1 Application Format – Appraisal
Annex 2 Final Report – Appraisal
Annex 3 Application Format -Party Project
Annex 4 Periodic Status Report – Format
Annex 5 Final Report – Party Project
Annex 6 Party-Partner Agreement
Annex 7 Party-Partner – Financial Agreement
Annex 8 Party-Partner -Transfer document
Annex 9 DIPD ExcelBudget Format
Annex 10 DIPD Audit Instructions
Annex 11 DIPD Check List for the Accounts Section
Annex 12 Note on Consultancy Fees
Annex 13 DIPD Monitoring Guidelines
Template – Addendum to Party-Partner Agreement of Cooperation
Template – ToR for Appraisal of Party-to-Party Cooperation