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Posts from the ‘Honduras’ Category

Time for democracy in Honduras

In connection with the upcoming election in Honduras on November 24th 2013 the Danish Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten) and the independent internet-portal Modkraft has launched a campaign to support free, transparent and peaceful elections.

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Call for transparent elections and human rights in Honduras

While political parties in Honduras prepare for elections, the country is experiencing extreme levels of violence. Scarlett Romero from the LIBRE party is calling for transparent elections and human rights in Honduras.

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Mass mobilisation in Honduras

“Our country has become the butcher shop of Latin America,” the Congressman Sergio Castellanos of the Democratic Unification Party says to the news magazine In These Times. Honduras was last year the most violent country in the world. With a murder rate of 82 per 100.000 the country moves in first in a UN global study on homicide. In December last year the Peace Corps decided to withdraw from the country because of “comprehensive safety and security concerns”. The majority of the 7.3 million population live in poverty and the country is overloaded with drugs and gang violence. Read more

Projects in Bhutan, Bolivia and Honduras approved

DIPD enters 2012 with three new projects approved by the DIPD board. While the Danish political parties of Socialistisk Folkeparti and Enhedslisten launch projects in Bolivia and Honduras respectively, DIPD takes on board a new film project in the small kingdom of Bhutan.

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