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Anne Mette Kjær

Anne Mette Kjær_photo

Anne Mette Kjær is Associate Professor at the Department for Politcal Science and Government at Aarhus University. From August 2009 to January 2013 she held the post of Director of Studies. Anne Mette holds a PhD degree in Political Science from University of Aarhus.

Anne Mette Kjær has nearly 20 years of experience as a researcher, fieldworker and analyst in the areas of governance and political economy analysis. She has extensive experience with research on governance, politics, and political economy in East Africa, and in particular in Uganda. Anne Mette has been co-ordinating research projects across institutions and countries in North and South and she has extensive teaching experience in African politics.

Furthermore Anne Mette has in depth knowledge of development aid, achieved from research as well as from membership of Danida’s Board.

Anne Mette Kjær was appointed as a member of the Board by the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation.