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Myanmar: Towards elections in 2015

The Union Election Commissions (UEC) invited the political parties to voice their ideas and concerns about the forthcoming election and campaign period. This meeting was also attended by DIPD representatives who helped facilitate different sessions on the matter.

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Bhutan: Study on women’s political participation funded by DIPD

A few days ago The Election Commission presented a study on what influences women’s participation in politics. Along with UN Women and Royal Government of Bhutan, the study is funded by DIPD

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DIPD offers course on “Financial Management for Political Parties”

DIPD Dialogue and Resource Centre in Yangon is busy the whole week with training on Financial Management for Political Parties.

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Myanmar: DIPD opens MultiParty Dialogue Centre in Yangon.

During the visit of the DIPD political dialogue delegation to Myanmar, the opening reception in the new premises of the Multiparty Dialogue and Resource Centre also took place on 28th September 2014 with participation of more than 35 representatives of political parties in Myanmar

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Myanmar: Towards Elections in Myanmar

Next year Myanmar is heading towards national elections, which will be an important step in the democratic transition process. The DIPD delegation met with the Union Election Commission and with Aung San Suu Kyi and discussed the progress and challenges faced in preparing for free and fair elections in Myanmar.

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