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Myanmar: Multiparty Political Dialogue Seminar in Yangon

There is no doubt that interparty dialogue is extremely important for the development of the political discourse. Building on this knowledge, DIPD arranged a multiparty political dialogue seminar, bringing key political stakeholders with experience in multiparty dialogue and cross-party cooperation to Myanmar, to inspire the political parties currently engaged in the political transition process.

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Zambia: NAREP Strengthens Women Participation in Politics

In late July, women from all ten (10) provinces of Zambia joined a two-day conference held in Lusaka, capital city of Zambia, with the purpose of strengthening NAREP’s Women’s League. How to live the NAREP values, the importance of women’s involvement in politic, challenges facing women in politics and how to communicate effectively were some of the topics discussed.

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DIPD: Nordic Meeting issues joint statement to Nordic Ministers

Following the Nordic Meeting opening by the Finnish Minister of International Development, Pekka Haavisto, the Nordic organizations presented a joint statement urging the ministers to live up to their promise ”to promote the inclusion of democratic governance and the rule of law as a sustainable development goal in the post 2015 framework”.

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DIPD facilitates exchange between Nepal and Bhutan

A team of three members from Bhutan visited Nepal in early September to share their experiences with Nepalese counterparts. This exchange between two partners was facilitated and supported by DIPD. This kind of exchange visit has opened new opportunities for DIPD to promote sharing of experiences at regional level among its partner countries for strengthening multi-party democracy.

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DIPD: Supporting young people to engage

The UN has decided that International Day of Democracy 2014 should focus on the importance of having young people push for inclusive democracy. DIPD fully endorses this, and it is an important focus of the DIPD programme.
Message from DIPD

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