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New board member joins DIPD

New board member Anne Mette Kjær has been appointed to the DIPD Board by the Minister of Development Cooperation.

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Tanzania: Political Peace is Priority!

As Tanzania is heading for both a constitutional referendum and local and parliamentary elections, the the issue of political peace was given high priority at the Annual Strategic Roundtable of Tanzania Center for Democracy.

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Conversations with Party Leaders in Nepal

While on mission to Nepal to meet with the six parties cooperating with DIPD, the DIPD Director met with key leaders of the political parties. This was an opportunity to get an impression of the new political situation following the November 2013 elections.

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Bhutanese Film Festival in Denmark

27th February – 8th March 2014 a Bhutanese Film Festival will take place in Denmark. Films will be aired in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense.

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New coalition government in Denmark

During KV13 Study Tour our partners were fascinated by our coalition government and the Danish tradition of cross-party alliances. Now the coalition government that was in place in November has broken up and our partners are rightly asking: What happened?

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