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First 1000 copies of “Raise Your Hand” donated to Bhutan Ministry of Education

Highlighting the political role of women and girls, the first copies of the book “Raise your Hand – Bhutan’s First Elected women leaders“ is now being distributed in Bhutan.

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PUDEMO from Swaziland follows Danish municipal elections

“One of the things that have made the Danish system and political environment strong is the social welfare system,” Mario Masuku from PUDEMO concludes following his visit to Denmark during the municipal elections.

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Learnings on local democracy

More than 50 international guests are in Denmark to watch the municipal elections as they unfold. They have been invited to Denmark by DIPD and the Danish political parties to get inspired by Danish experiences with local level democracy.

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Sharing Global Democracy Experiences

More than fifty international guests gathered in a community center in Copenhagen, to learn about the Danish local democracy and the 2013 municipal elections.

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SF in Copenhagen – the fight for a green city for all

The election campaign in Copenhagen is in full swing. Both SF’s mayors and volunteers are taking to the streets to hand out material.

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