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Progressive forces create shifts in Swaziland’s Democracy Movement

Elections in Swaziland September 20, secured a range of progressive forces from the Swazi Democratic Party, SWADEPA, a place in parliament. Even before the work has begun, the party is making headlines with demands on democratic reforms in the kingdom.

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The mayor post of Holstebro

Few had seen it coming. But about three weeks after election night 2009 a majority suddenly appeared in the traditional right-wing stronghold of Holstebro. The Social Democrats seized the opportunity and came out as a surprising winner of the mayoral chain.

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Time for democracy in Honduras

In connection with the upcoming election in Honduras on November 24th 2013 the Danish Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten) and the independent internet-portal Modkraft has launched a campaign to support free, transparent and peaceful elections.

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”Making a good community even better”

In Hillerød north of Copenhagen, 8 candidates argued their case as representatives of 8 political parties or lists, with more than 100 citizens from the local community listening carefully to find out which candidates they preferred. Or had they already made up their mind?

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Focus by International Partners on Danish Local Elections

What is special for Denmark and the Nordic countries is that the municipalities have their own tax collection. This means that the municipalities has a fairly large influence on the local level of service concerning childcare, schools, retirement homes, and recreational affairs.

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