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The political dialogue culture in Denmark

Brian Mikkelsen, former Minister for Business and Economic Development, in his brief to one of the opposition parties in Tanzania in particular touched on some of the unique features of the Danish political dialogue culture.

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Young social democrats met across borders

The summer of 2013 approximately 90 young social democrats from Egypt, Denmark and seven other European and Middle Eastern countries gathered in Cairo for the conference: “Empowering Youth – Building a Social Democratic Future“.

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Voters in Swaziland boycott elections for powerless parliament

Very few Swazis appear to have voted in the elections in Swaziland. Swazis have thus apparently heeded a campaign to boycott elections. Article by Peter Kenworthy from the Red-Green Alliance.

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Political parties and the media exchange ideas in Yangon

Yangon. September 14, 2013

The banks of Inya Lake in Yangon was the serene setting for a conversation between 43 political parties and journalists from 36 leading media houses in Myanmar. The Myanmar Multiparty Democracy Programme (MMDP) (initiated by DIPD and NIMD), and International Media Support (IMS) have joined hands to make this path-breaking event happen. The purpose of the seminar was to make political parties and media persons talk to each other in a convivial atmosphere away from the compulsions of their professions.

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Strengthening the Involvement of Party Volunteers

Saturday 31 August 2013, DIPD facilitated a party seminar organised by Denmark’s two largest parties, the Social Democrats and Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP), a unit under the Liberal Party (Venstre).

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