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Swazi ”selections” begin

Swaziland’s elections have started, elections that many people in the small absolute monarchy jokingly refer to as “selections”. The first round of elections is held in August, and the second round on September 20.

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Launcing political mentoring for women in Malawi and Tanzania

“Most of the women came to the mentoring workshop ‘to serve the party’. After the workshop most of them decided to contest the municipal elections in 2014”, says lead trainer Beatriz Hernandez de Fuhr.

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New Board members join DIPD

Two new members have joined the DIPD board. Both members were appointed by Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Christian Friis Bach, for a four year period.

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Getting ready for local elections

An interesting autumn lies ahead. DIPD plans to be very active in the time around the upcoming Danish local election. DIPD has employed Line Stange Ramsdal as a student to assist in preparation and management of the activities.

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