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DIPD Annual Report 2012

DIPD is happy to present its Annual Report 2012, with frontline stories from the different political battlefields we have decided to engage in.





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Debatmøde, onsdag den 29. maj: Development Aid Confronts Politics – The Almost Revolution

Lige efter Danida Development Days i Eigtveds Pakhus afholder DIPD et debatmøde i forbindelse med lanceringen af Thomas Carothers og Daine de Gramonts nye bog.

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The Kathmandu Declaration

The Kathmandu Declaration was the concrete result of the two day conference on Gender and Democracy in Kathmandu. The leaders of the six major political parties in Nepal commit to work together towards equal representation of women in political parties.

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From Christiansborg to Kathmandu

After listening to the briefings on the Christainsborg Seminar on women in politics held in Copenhagen in September 2012, members of the six parties in the Joint Mechanism for Political Party Support in Nepal decided to hold a similar seminar in Nepal.

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New young leaders of Bolivia

8 representatives of the Bolivian youth visited Copenhagen, implementing the second component of the partnership project between SF and the governing party in Bolivia

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