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Referendum on Egyptian constitution

Egypt Poll Released

Today the 15 December 2012 the Egyptian president has asked the population to go to the polling stations to vote on the new constitution. The constitution has been drafted by a constitutional committee, which was conceived by the people’s assembly 7 June 2012. This was the second constitutional assembly conceived by the Egyptian parliament as the first CA was dissolved after it was criticised of being biased towards the Islamist actors in the Egyptian society.

 A violent birth

The constitutional process has been debated intensely in the country and during the weeks up until the referendum demonstrators have shown their discontent with the process in the streets of Cairo. Supporters of the president and the opposition have been in violent clashes in the last weeks in front of the president’s palace.

The process under attack

The opposition parties have regretted the process of drafting the resolution, which they claim have been exclusive – not including enough different groups in the Egyptian society and favoured the Islamistic parties in the country.

Furthermore the opposition also thinks that there are too many unclear statements in the constitution, giving way for a broad interpretation which they fear will lead to Sharia law.

The president has called the opposition for a national dialogue which the oppostional parties have dismissed as the president denied to cancel the planned constitutional referendum.

Parliamentary elections 2013

If the constitution is accepted on 15 December, parliamentary elections are supposed to be held within the beginning of the new year.

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