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DIPD moves on!

Effective from December 1st, DIPD will move into new offices with CARE Denmark at Jemtelandsgade 1. The Director explains why this is happening.

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Seminar 28 November: Opportunities and Challenges in Political Democracy Support

Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Christian Friis Bach, Thomas Carothers and Professor Milja Kurki will, among others, give their perspectives on how to approach “political” support to democracy

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Egypt: Political parties form alliance against constitutional declaration

Statement sent out from Egyptian Social Democratic Party.

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Maoist training in Pokhara

Wednesday morning in Pokhara, eight hours west of Kathmandu by car, on the day when the re-election of Obama has just been announced. Close to 100 local officials of the Maoist party have gathered for training, and DIPD has been invited to observe.

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The Nepal Steering Committee at work

DIPD’s work in Nepal is organized through a Steering Committee consisting of 12 members from 6 political parties. In early November the SC met to review the draft for a DIPD Guide about “Political Parties at Local Level”.

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