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Seminar: Political Parties in Democratic Transitions. What Way forward in Egypt?

Egyptian intellectuals from the whole political spectrum will relate the Egyptian transition process to the DIPD publication “Political Parties in Democratic Transitions”. The semiar is arranged in cooperation with “The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and as a part of a programme with Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DEDI) have the pleasure of inviting you to a seminar.

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DIPD launches the publication ”Political Parties in Democratic Transitions”

DIPD launches its first Reader at a seminar in Copenhagen today with a strong panel of speakers and commentators. Egyptian politicians, journalists and academics will discuss and relate the publication to the transitional process in Egypt. How can the experiences from political parties in countries as different as Serbia, Indonesia, Turkey and South Africa be of inspirations for the political parties in Egypt?

The Reader forms part of DIPDs multi-party engagement in Egypt and is a response to the request from a delegation of cross party politicians visiting Denmark in 2011 to learn from other transitional experiences. Read more

Egypt draft constitution article raises fears for women’s rights

Leftist and liberal party groups voice ‘deep concern’ after draft constitution article promises gender equality ‘without contradicting precepts of Islamic Law’.

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Brief introduction – “Idéer som kan inspirere”

While DIPD primarily communicates in English, our core group of partners consist of the Danish political parties represented in Parliament. To ensure that the parties can inform their members effectively about the various DIPD activities, we have recently published a brief introduction in Danish, outlining the partnerships established so far in both areas of cooperation: party-to-party partnerships and multiparty partnerships.

Download the brochure (pdf 3,87 mb, in Danish only)

Reader-version Idéer som kan inspirere

Voices of strong women

The harsh realities facing women in developing countries who want to engage actively in politics are staggering. More than 40 women representing more than 20 countries from all corners of the world gathered in Copenhagen for the DIPD Christiansborg Seminar, to share their experiences and discuss ways forward for “Women in Politics” with a crowd of more than 150 people in one of the halls of the Danish Parliament. Read more