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The Social Democratic Party of Denmark and Ghana’s governing NDC-party enters into partnership

Policy development, internal party communication and the local level are focal points for the newly etstablished partnership between the two governing parties of Ghana and Denmark.

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Institut for Flerpartisamarbejde søger studentermedhjælper

Institut for Flerpartisamarbejde søger studentermedhjælper med kendskab til WordPress og interesse for udviklingsbistand.

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New Project Officer

Marie Skov Madsen temporarily joined DIPD from 15th of June 2012 as Project Officer. Marie has many years of work experience as consultant for both Danish and international NGOs.

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Nepal’s Brand New Constitution – The Big Challenge of Inclusion

The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy(DIPD) still have the pleasure of inviting you to a seminar, but the circumstances have changed. Nepal’s new constitution could not be finalized as expected. The seminar will now focus on why it was not possible to obtain consensus between the political peers in Nepal and what the challenges are for the future of democracy in Nepal.

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Himalayan politicians seek inspiration in the lowlands of Denmark

This week members of six of the major political parties in Nepal will seek inspiration in the Danish local political party environment to strengthen the local branches of their own political parties.

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