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Annual Report 2010-2011

We are happy to be able to present our first printed Annual Report on our second birthday 26 May 2012. We thank all our international and national partners for inspiring cooperation and generous support during our first two years and look forward to deepen and strengthen our partnerships.

Download the DIPD Annual Report 2010-2011 here (PDF, 5 MB)

The Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy was established by a bill of Parliament on 26 May 2010. Exactly one year later we celebrated the official opening in the Danish ‘Folketing’, and on that occasion also organised a conference on the future of democracy in Egypt, following the historical transformations taking place in the region at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.

We made no secret at the opening in 2011 that providing the right kind of support for effective and democratic political parties and multi-party systems is a difficult challenge. However, we also emphasized that this is a fantastic opportunity for the Danish political parties to engage in a global cooperation which they themselves will benefit from
And the parties have indeed engaged, with enthusiasm and commitment. At the end of  2011 most of the political parties in Folketinget have started or are preparing to start a partnership in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Egypt, Honduras and Bolivia – with a focus on youth, communication, conflict resolution and constitution making to mention a few of the themes.
Support for multiparty platforms or democratic culture broadly speaking has been started in Bhutan, Nepal, Egypt and Tanzania, with a focus on participation of women in politics, building youth wings of political parties, capacity building of local branches of parties, using media to develop the democratic culture, and ‘democracy schools’.
In the process of developing our profile and programme, we have benefitted tremendously from the support and advise extended to DIPD from existing institutions in the field of political party support. Some of you we have decided to work very closely with for strategic reasons. But in all cases, we are very grateful for this support and look forward to continue and deepen our relationship.

2012 is off to a good start with numerous projects around the world being prepared, delegations from countries such as Bhutan, Bolivia, Egypt, Nepal and Tanzania visiting Denmark to discuss with and learn from members of the Danish political parties, and our first annual Christiansborg Seminar being prepared for September 2012, just to mention a few of the activities on the DIPD agenda this year.

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