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Ms Shrishti Rana Joins DIPD as Coordinator for Nepal

DIPD Director Bjørn Førde welcomes Ms Shrishti Rana as the new Programme Coordinator for Nepal: “With her proven track record of designing and managing political party strengthening programmes, alongside training of political party leaders and parliamentarians, she will play a key role in implementing the DIPD programme in Nepal.” Read more

Egypt’s Revolution: Still a Baby

Today the Egyptians celebrate the anniversary of their revolution. It is now one year ago that the “25 January revolution” began and the dictator during more than 20 years, Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak, subsequently resigned from power on the demands from the Tahrir Square.

The day of Mubarak’s fall, the 11th of February 2011, was a day of joy and hope. The celebrations at Tahrir Square seemed like they would never take an end. Almost a year after, Monday the 23rd of January, the newly elected members of parliament took their constitutional oaths. Read more

Mass mobilisation in Honduras

“Our country has become the butcher shop of Latin America,” the Congressman Sergio Castellanos of the Democratic Unification Party says to the news magazine In These Times. Honduras was last year the most violent country in the world. With a murder rate of 82 per 100.000 the country moves in first in a UN global study on homicide. In December last year the Peace Corps decided to withdraw from the country because of “comprehensive safety and security concerns”. The majority of the 7.3 million population live in poverty and the country is overloaded with drugs and gang violence. Read more

Egyptian Election: Security, Economy and Identity

The most defining issues for the Egyptian voters have been their future security, a healthy national economy and an adherence to the principles of Islam. This became clear in the presentations given at the seminar “Elections in Egypt The Rise of the Islamist Parties and Scenarios for the Future” arranged by Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI), The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and DIPD. Read more

Seminar 16 January “Elections in Egypt – The Rise of the Islamist Parties and Scenarios for the Future”

DIPD is organizing a seminar on the results of the elections in Egypt in cooperation with Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) and Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). Read more