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Pro-Revolutionary Forces Support Election in Egypt Today Despite Threats of Boycott

The demands of the latest demonstrations at Tahrir square have not been meet this first day of election in post-revolution Egypt. Many of the newly created liberal parties threatened to pull out of the election because of the hard handed treatment of the demonstrators. Read more

Egyptian Activists United Against Military Rule

“The moment a peaceful demonstration was attacked, I had to go and support their right to speak,” Mary Shenouda from the Egyptian Social Democratic Party says. She participated in the delegation to the Danish elections in September. DIPD visited her in Cairo. Read more

Venstre launches democracy project in Kenya

In early November, the project “Communication and Youth Participation in Politics“ was launched in Nairobi. The project is implemented in a co-operation between the Centre for Multiparty Democracy – Kenya (CMD-Kenya) and the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP/Venstre) and aims at enhancing the capacity of political parties in Kenya, across the political spectrum.

Read more

Bhutan: The Challenge of Moving from Monarchy to Democracy

Since 1907 this small shangrila-like country high in the Himalayas has been governed by a king. This is changing now. In 1998 the 4th King started a process, which in 2008 resulted in the adoption of a new constitution and the first election ever involving political parties. The DIPD Director has visited the country to discuss areas of cooperation. Read more