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Danish Parliamentary Elections to Be Held on International Day of Democracy

Today the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, announced his decision to have the election for Parliament (Folketinget) take place on 15th September. This date is very appropriate, considering that the 46th plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly on 8th November 2007 decided that member states on 15 September of each year should observe and celebrate the International Day of Democracy. Read more

Venstre to Start Engagement in Kenya

The Board of DIPD has approved a proposal from the Danish Liberal Party, Venstre, to invest 2,8 million DKK over the next 18 months on communication and youth participation in politics, with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy Kenya as the key partner. Read more

Egypt Survey Favourable to Amr Moussa

As part of a consortium led by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) and supported by DIPD, the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS) has carried out a voter survey in Egypt. It places Amr Moussa as the presidential lead while showing strong support for the Freedom and Justice Party in parliamentary elections. Read more

Director Bjørn Førde: Report from Seminar on Egypt in May 2011

Just like the revolution itself was not predicted by any of us, experiences over the months since the conference and seminar on 26-27 May took place, tell us that it will continue to be difficult to predict how events in Egypt will unfold. But this report will still be useful in capturing some of the experiences of the past and ideas for the future. Read more

Seminar report: The future of democracy in Egypt

This report covers presentations and discussions brought up during the “Future of democracy in Egypt” seminar in may 2011. It features presentations from Dr. Fatema Khafagy, Gamal A. Gawad Soltan and Fathy Abou Hatab on the new role of political parties, women, social media, the revolution’s regional implications. It also summarises the seminar’s group discussions centering around political parties.

Download the report (PDF, 3,3 MB) Read more